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Rotary Compressor
1. Rotary compressor SNGE-13 for conditioners
2. Rotary compressor is using for work at ozone-safety refrigerants in the hermetic compressors
3. Advantages:
·  Increasing of cooling capacity
·  Valveless gas distribution implementation
·  Low friction loss and gas exchange
·  More low friction speed and small number of friction pairs 
·  Small contact loads
·  The uniform rotation of all compressor parts
·  Low cost of detail manufacturing
·  High reliability compressor details
·  Interchangeable details with a twin rotary hermetic compressors (shaft, rotor, coil, rotor of electric motor, bulb, filter-separator of oil)
·  Available materials: gray cast iron, antifriction cast iron, nitride ferrous alloy
·  Increasing the working volume of rotary compressor at the same bounding volume 
·  Increasing the coefficients COP and ERR on 9…17%
·  Easy assembly
·  High efficiency
·  High compression
·  Small harmful amounts
·  Reducing energy consumption
·  Reducing mechanical losses
·  Reducing vibration and noise
·  Low ripple
4. Disadvantages:
·  Using anti-friction cast iron and nitride ferrous alloy
5. Ecological aspect:
·  Work of compressor on ozone-safety freon R410a
·  Possibility of work on СО2
·  Reducing energy consumption
·  Reducing vibration and noise
6. Compressor design has developed by Ievgen Serikov in 2010
Category: Projects | Added by: Elena (16.09.2010)
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